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Tribute Shows.

George Harrison

The "Quiet Beatle"?  Hardly.  George Harrison's songwriting left an indelible mark on popular music - combining beautiful melodys with profound spiritual insight and longing.  Charlie plays them in a beautiful tribute to the "Darkhorse" 

Working Eric Clapton Tribute by The Core
Eric Clapton

Three-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee. “God” of the Guitar.  Slowhand.

The music of Eric Clapton’s 45-year career ranges from Delta Blues (“Crossroads”) to Psychedelic Rock (“White Room’) to pop standards (“Wonderful Tonight” and “Tears In Heaven”).  Charlie performs a tribute to Eric Clapton – from Cream (“Sunshine of Your Love”) through Blind Faith (“Can’t Find My Way Home”) and Derek and The Dominoes (“Layla”) into his extensive solo career (“I Shot The Sheriff”, “Lay Down Sally”).  

Charlie plays Lennon FULL crop-page0001.
John Lennon

Cynical moptop.  Political revolutionary.  Spiritual visionary.  John Lennon’s music reflected all the facets of his complex and creative personality. Charlie plays numerous John Lennon songs covering John’s recording career from 1962 through 1980.  Charlie encourages you to bring your requests! 


Charlie also performs Tributes to musical legends such as Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Jethro Tull, and others.

1960's & 1970's

Theme shows are engaging and lots of fun for audiences!  Charlie particularly loves the "50 Years Ago" shows! 

van dyke smiling.jpg
David Bowie​

Theme shows are engaging and lots of fun for audiences!  

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